Cesar Millan – The Dog Whisperer

cesar milanCesar Millan is world famous as one of the best “dog whisperers” around. He has had his unique gift since childhood when he was naturally attracted to animals of every shape and size. His family recognized his gift and nurtured it, fostering a protective love of the animal kingdom that would stay with him into adulthood. It is fortunate that his grandpa had a large farm. Among many other animals on this farm, his grandpa had a big team of working dogs. He spent many hours with all of the animals, but most of all with those dogs.

He observed the rambunctious dogs. He saw that although untrained, they consistently did what they were supposed to do whenever his grandpa commanded them to do it. Most of what he knows about dogs he learned while observing these dogs. It is from them that he learned the techniques of how to communicate with dogs. He not only works with communicating with all kinds of dogs. He is also committed to training dog owners to learn how to listen to his or her pet. This is why he says he has two conversations at the owner’s house: One with the owner, and another with the dog.

Millan says most of the time it is a case of the owner repeatedly yelling at the dog and the dog not understanding why his or her master is so excited. He teach such owners how best to communicate with his or her pet using more than just the mouth. What the owner will discover is that there is always a reason involving miscommunication. Dogs themselves don’t often fight with one another. That is because they understand the body language of other dogs. Above all, dogs respect calmness and assertiveness. This is why the alpha dog will always be calm and assertive.

Milan wants owners to realize that dogs, therefore, don’t respond to loud talking. They do, however, respond to human body language. Most people may not know dog body language, but dogs know human body language. They can even detect our heart rate. Their excitement will rise in relation to their owner’s heart rate. This is just one example of the many things Milan teaches dog owners. Milan is committed to teaching owners to being the calm, assured alpha dog their dogs will respect. He has been so successful at this that he has even acquired his own T.V. show that is popular around the world.

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