While the internet is an amazing resource for information and knowledge, it just so happens to also contain much of the most ridiculous stuff to ever exist. Chortler.com will probably never be cited for a college term paper or dissertation, but there’s a good chance a link leading to a compilation of people falling on an icy sidewalk will be shared once or twice. For whatever reason, our immediate reaction is to laugh whenever someone falls down or gets hit in the groin with a baseball. It’s hilarious. Once the initial shock of wondering if someone is injured wears off, there are usually tears of laughter that follow.

Somehow this reaction is primally-wired into all of our brains and transcends location, culture, language, and social norms. How awesome is that? Laughter affords us all the chance to connect with each other around the world, paying no mind to language barriers. Every person around the world knows what a smile means, and it can be an amazing form of communication and bonding.

We know that Chortler probably isn’t going to change the world, but some of the links and humor here can help to change someone’s day. And that’s really all that we are looking for.


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